Wasaphone pipe & slippers

  Ask Audio review, June 2018. Click image to read full article. 

Ask Audio review, June 2018. Click image to read full article. 

All hail the newest addition to our range of elite lofi microphones, the Wasaphone Pipe & Slippers.

The microphone boasts the classic Wasaphone dynamic telephone capsule, which is housed within a flame-stained copper chamber. For sonic warmth and character, we've used end caps made from hand-turned wood,  imparting extra flavour to the sound as it goes in, and as it's brewed inside. 

Each microphone is entirely handcrafted and no two will ever be the same. We think this is the most strikingly beautiful microphone we've built - oh, and she sounds gorgeous. She's best-suited to the recording environment and will add bucket loads of lofi warmth, character and balance to any conceivable sound source she is exposed to. 

The Pipe & Slippers comes with our signature brass mounting ring for easy attachment to standard mic stands. Take a look at the tilting microphone stand adapter for additional flexibility when positioning your Wasaphone microphone. 

Frequency Response

Pipe and Slippers.jpg


Check out the sound of this little beauty below. If you'd like to know more about how we did these demos (mic setups etc.), head here. More demos to come!

P.S. interested in a live version? Get in touch.

Wasaphone Pipe & Slippers
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