Wasaphone MKII / Soundtoys Little Plate Demo

Below you will find the settings for plugins used in addition to the Soundtoys Little Plate reverb plugin, for the Wasaphone MKII / Soundtoys Little Plate Demo.

The basic recording chain for all sound sources in this demo is as follows:

Microphone > TL Audio M4 24 desk > Pro Tools

Performance by Dragoman

Lead Vocals

Wasaphone MKII

Backing Vocals

Wasaphone MKII


2 x RODE NT1s - both at the rear of the piano looking at the soundboard, one left and one right. Both panned hard to their corresponding side of the mix. 

Wasaphone MKII - on the front of the piano 'looking' at the hammers and set back approximately 8 inches. Panned right in the mix.  No plugins other than