Wasaphone MKII Live

The Wasaphone MKII is at home both in the studio and on the stage, but if you but if you plan to primarily make Wasa-noise in a live band environment where competition for volume is fierce, consider the Wasaphone MKII Live.

By utilising a specialist CB radio capsule in place of vintage telephone components, the MKII Live retains much of the famous Wasaphone character while reducing the risk of feedback, which can sometimes occur given the variable nature of the live situations.

Frequency Response

mkii live.JPG


Frequency Range:200Hz - 2kHz
Type: Cardioid
Dimensions: 88mm x 62mm
Sensitivity 2.5mV/Pa/1kHz
Output impedance 200Ω

Mounts onto all standard microphone stands via the brass bracket provided.

Wasaphone MKII Live
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Wasaphone MKII Live
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