This is the only Wasaphone Giganti-Boy in the whole world.

The microphone came about whilst we were experimenting with different sizes of artillery shell housings for our Wasarocket / Big Boy ranges.

At 285mm x 85mm, the microphone is really quite large. The microphone element is set approximately 140mm from the aperture of the microphone, meaning sound entering the microphone is subject to significant deflection and ricocheting within the large resonant chamber of the microphone, giving any recorded signal a somewhat ghostly, metallic character.

Some thoughts about the microphone:

The Giganti-Boy could be useful as a blending option alongside other more conventional microphones. For instance, as a room microphone when recording drums, an ambient microphone for vocals, a second guitar microphone for a different texture. Whatever it’s used on, it’ll certainly pique the attention of any musicians or clients on the session!

The microphone is in full working condition and comes with the standard Wasaphone mounting bracket and cloth bag.

If you wish to order from outside the UK/Europe, please get in touch first.


Frequency Range: 200Hz - 10kHz
Type: Cardioid
Dimensions: 285mm x 85mm
Sensitivity: 2.5mV/Pa/1kHz
Output impedance: 200Ω

Connects to a normal, European-size microphone stand via the brass mounting bracket provided.