People who use our microphones and what they're saying about them:


The list of producers, engineers and musicians using our microphones is extensive and ever-growing - here are a few names you might recognise:

Jon Boden - renowned musician and winner of record number of BBC Radio 2 Folk awards (Bellowhead, Jon Boden
Steve Levine - Grammy and Brit Award-winning producer (the Clash, Beach Boys, XTC)
Tom Dalgety - Music Producers Guild Breakthrough Producer of the Year 2015 (Royal Blood, Opeth, Turbowolf, Killing Joke)
John Parish - Mercury Prize-winning musician and producer (PJ Harvey, Anna Calvi)
Portishead - Mercury Prize-winning band and architects of the trip-hop genre
Giant Sand - critically-acclaimed band



"Bags of character. Beautifully hand made...[the Maroc is] a great go-to mic for lo-fi effects." Ask Audio (full review here)

"Steeped in vintage using the Wasaphone you're likely to get more creative performances, not just creative results." Music Tech Magazine (full review here)

"If you're looking for an inexpensive transducer with serious personality and character, this is the mic for you." Electronic Musician  (full review here)

"The Signalman is possibly the most unique microphone I have ever seen...a fun and insanely inspiring addition to any mic locker." Recording Magazine (full review here)

"...[a] unique illusion of reverby space." Recording Magazine (full review here)

"...for anyone tracking audio frequently - especially in any kind of commercial studio - [the Wasaphone Pipe & Slippers] will not only prove a talking point with its great build quality and looks, but for the specific sound it can bring to your productions."  Ask Audio (full review here)

"Cool, authentic Lo-Fi weirdness." Tom Dalgety, MPG Breakthrough Producer of the Year 2015 (full review here)

"For me, your mics add a unique colour to a source - better than a plug in effect, plus you can record a performance with the actual sound and that's a very creative way for
many musicians." Steve Levine, Grammy-winning Producer (full review here)

"I always put it [MKII] in my mic box now when I’m going places – it’s very, very cool." Adrian Utley, Portishead (full review here)

"...the sound is special." Audiofanzine (full feature here)

"A lot of the time, if you try to give an old quality to things it can end up tinny, but the Big Boy  MKII gives the piano a nice round, old sound." Steve LynchStellar Sound (full review here)

"I'm always in search of the ultimate trashy mic to blend in with a kit sound, and it's great to finally have a mic that gives me exactly what i'm looking for straight out of the box!" Brendan Davies, Engineer/Producer, Karma Sound Studios

"The Wasaphone I has happily joined the microphone collection at Buffalo studio and definitely stands out as the most colourful weapon of the lot! Call it a sonic time machine or a lo-fi tone creator. Forget about bass - it's too uncool...instead, welcome presence, distortion and retro flavours! Wicked on vocals, pianos, guitars and basically anywhere a unique vintage twist is needed." JB PilonEngineer/ProducerBuffalo Recording Studio

"No harshness, full of mojo." Laurent PradeauComposer, Production, Musician (full review here)

"Got our new Wasaphone I mic yesterday and tried it through a PA - astounding" Shireshead Studios

"I thought my Wasaphone I would be similar to my Green Bullet harmonica mic, but it has a totally different character" Stephen Buckley, Musician

A full list of artists we love and endorse is here.