Stems Series

Welcome to the Wasaphone Stems Series.

These tracks here have been put together using the original recorded stems, and feature our microphones in various ways. 

Hear how a Wasaphone can really affect the sound and direction of a track.

Wasaphone MKII


A demonstration of the Wasaphone MKII on vocals in configuration with an AKG C414, and featuring various industry-standard FX. The video highlights how our mics can inject hefty character into performances as standalone mics, or in conjunction with other more conventional models.

The track is Led Zeppelin's 1969 smasher, What is and What Should Never Be.


EQ = Sonnox Oxford
Delay = Soundtoys Echo Boy
Tape Saturation = Soundtoys Decapitator
Reverb = Eventide Stereo Room 2016

Settings below (click for larger image):