Mini rocket


The Mini Rocket is a consolidated version of the original Wasarocket. Similarly to the Green Rocket, the Mini Rocket represents a significant development in our artillery shell range. Whilst the microphone is still housed within a 30mm brass artillery shell, it also features a single piece of polished mahogany which forms the base unit and internal diffusing system, adding a mahogany-tinged flavour to the sharp metallic tones of the original Wasarocket.

To top off this wartime wonder, the microphone element is a NATO-issue CB radio capsule, providing maximum warmth and grit.

Ideal for vocals, drums guitar and horns and anything else you want to add an explosive punch to. 


Frequency Range: 200Hz - 10kHz
Type: Cardioid
Dimensions: 120mm x 30mm
Sensitivity 2.5mV/Pa/1kHz
Output impedance 200Ω

Mounts onto European (small) mic stand via signature brass mounting bracket provided.

Please note, the Mini Rocket is made to order and, as such, has a two-week turnaround. Also, the type of shell used is likely to change from time to time - all part of the mic's uniqueness. 

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Mini Rocket
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