Live from the wasa-corner

with tom dalgety

producer extraordinaire 


Having scooped the Music Producers Guild award for breakthrough Producer of the Year 2015 following records with Royal BloodBand of SkullsOpeth, and Dinosaur Pile-Up to name just a few, Tom Dalgety is one of the most exciting young British producers around. We collared him in a local pub near his Bath studio and asked him about what drew him to Wasaphone, and the sonic adventures that ensued. 

" Cool, authentic
 Lo-Fi weirdness"


Wasaphone Collection: MKII, Signalman

Q.1: What song have you got going around your head today?

"Probably 'All Mine' by Portishead, cause I just keep hearing it for some reason."

Q.2: How did you first hear about our mics?

"I first came across them when I was looking on eBay for Lo-Fi, weird mics."

Q.3: What have you been up to with your Wasaphone mics?

"I've mainly been recording cool, edgy, middle - 8 vocals, like any self-respecting producer. I've been using them specifically for vocals so far - they sound much more authentic than a plugin. I like the sound of it [Signalman] clicking on as well. Much better than digitification."

Q.4:  What do you think your Wasaphone mics will bring to future recording sessions, and do you have any specific projects in mind for them?

"I'll probably use a bit of them on a lot of things. What will they bring to the recording sessions? Cool, authentic Lo-Fi weirdness."

And finally…

Q.5: If you were giving a microphone as a gift, to whom would you give it?

"Who would I give one to? Flood [producer aka Mark Ellis], I think Flood would really like one."

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