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with Jon boden


We recently had the privilege of adding Jon Boden - founding member of explosive folk collective, Bellowhead and acclaimed solo artist, to our ranks as an endorsed Wasaphone artist. Revered as one of the standout performers of his generation, Jon is in the process of recording his first all-original record for some time. The addition of a new studio toy was welcomed with open arms. 

He sat down to have a brief chat about his newly-acquired Wasaphone MKII Live.

"...[the Wasaphone] will stop it all
turning into aural mush"

Wasaphone collection: Wasaphone MKII Live

Q.1: What song have you got going around your head today?

"I'm working on arrangements for a new (Jon Boden solo) album so I've got all of those songs going on in my head. Also 'Don't Stop Believing' by Journey seems to have taken up permanent residence."

Q.2: What have you been up to with your Wasaphone?

"Just vocals so far. Demoing the new album and really enjoying it on the voice. I'm planning to try it out on concertina too."

Q.3: Are there any specific projects you've worked on where the Wasaphone has added something a little different?

"Not yet but hoping it my help the concertina sit better in the mix. It's a difficult instrument to place as it's got such a pure, cutting sound, so hoping the Wasaphone will warm it up a bit!"

Q.4: What do you think your Wasaphone mic will bring to your future recording sessions, and do you have any specific projects in mind for them?

"The new album is likely to have a lot of textural depth to it so I think the Wasaphone is really going to help stop it all turning into aural mush."

And finally…

Q.5: If you were giving a Wasaphone microphone as a gift, to whom would you give it and why?

"I'd be interested to hear a really trad folk act recorded on Wasaphone - Matt Quinn or Cohen Braithwaite Kilkoyne maybe. Or the Wilson Family on Wasaphone could be amazing."


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