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Hailing from Brescia, Italy, Alessandro 'Asso' Stefana has carved out an impressive and distinguished career as a songwriter and session musician. He's worked with a wealth of eminent musicians including Marc Ribot, Enrico Garbrielli and, of course, PJ Harvey.

When he got in touch to ask if we'd be interested in endorsing him, naturally we jumped at the chance. 

Fresh off a world tour with PJ, Asso furnished us with his thoughts on his pair of Wasaphone MKIIs. 

" incredible and unique sound..."

Wasaphone collection: Wasaphone MKII

Q.1: What song have you got going around your head today?

'Who by Fire' by Leonard Cohen.

Q.2: How did you first stumble across Wasaphone?

"I was looking around for a good lo-fi microphone sound and on the web I found a photo of a singer using a strange microphone that looked so interesting…and it was a Wasaphone."

Q.3: What have you been up to with your MKII?

"I primarily tried it on vocals, but also on acoustic guitars and piano, with great results."

Q.4: How does your MKII compare to other mics in your arsenal? 

"I used the Wasaphone MKII for some radio recordings that I’ve made with Vinicio Capossela. I used the Wasaphone passing through an Echosex delay pedal (made in Italy by Gurus Amps). The Wasaphone in addition to a Ribera R47 (an Italian reinterpretation of the Neumann U47). This combination made an incredible and unique sound, so I used the setup on all of the vocals during these sessions."

Q.5: What do you think your Wasaphone mic will bring to your future recording/live sessions, and do you have any specific projects in mind for it?

"I've not got any specific projects in mind, but I’m sure I'll use it a lot on my future recordings.

I think it’s a great addition to any microphone collection."

And finally…

Q.6: If you were giving a Wasaphone microphone as a gift, to whom would you give it and why?

"For sure I’ll give one to Vinicio Capossela as a gift for his birthday…he we love it!"


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