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Adrian Utley is best known as the guitarist in legendary trip-hop pioneers, Portishead. As well as maintaining a hectic touring schedule, Adrian still manages to find time to produce leading contemporary acts, which have recently included the likes of Anna Calvi

A Wasaphone MKII was recently thrust into his more-than-willing hands by Portishead's stage manager and, after using it on a number of projects, this is what Adrian had to say about it...

" I always put it in my mic box now when I’m going places – it’s very, very cool."


Wasaphone Collection: MKII

Q.1: What song have you got going around your head today?

"I’ve been producing a band from Bristol recently - Three Cane Whale – one of their songs is going round my head."

Q.2: How did you first hear about our mics?

"Mike Crawford [Portishead stage manager] told me about them ages ago. I think he showed it to me when I was about to do this album with a French band at Toybox Studios. The singer, on her demo, had a few things on it like that [lo-fi]. I remembered the Wasaphone, and Mike asked if I wanted him to bring it down to use, and I did."

Q.3: What trouble have you and your MKII been up to?

"I first used it on that session at Toybox. I’ve got a Copperphone and few funky old mics, but that really did the job, it was really excellent. But, what was really interesting to me was that, I’ve got an old Neumann U47, a ten-grand mic, which I use all the time, and I made a mixture of the U47 and the Wasaphone. It was really good, you couldn’t specifically hear the Wasaphone but, if you took it out, you’d notice it was gone. It wasn’t being used as you’d imagine it being used just on its own but, with a voice, next to the U47, it was really good – I’ll definitely be doing that again. Everyone was into it – it made a great impression."

Q.4:  What projects are next and will the Wasaphone feature?

"I’m going on tour with Portishead, and I’ve got a Moog Orchestra gig next week at the Barbican just before we go to Montreux the next day. I’ve got another production in autumn at Real World Studios [Peter Gabriel’s studio]. I’ll use the Wasaphone there – I always put it in my mic box now when I’m going places – it’s very, very cool."

And finally…

Q.5: If you were giving a microphone as a gift, to whom would you give it?

"I’ve told a lot of people about it and I’d buy one for any of the people that I work with. in fact, that's a great idea and I’ll definitely be doing that."

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