Live From the Wasa-Corner...

with Laurent Pradeau

Composer, Producer, Musician


Laurent Pradeau is a composer, producer and musician based in Paris. Working out of his studio, InterFace, he specialises in the production of music for stylish and quirky animated videos for children.

He recently acquired a trio of Wasaphones and kindly agreed to tell us all about what he's been up to with them...

"No harshness...lots of mojo."


Wasaphone Collection: Maroc, Signalman, MKII

Q.1: Who are you and what do you do?

“Laurent Pradeau. Composer and guitarist, I produce audio programs within InterFace Studio, which is the little company I founded 27 years ago.”

Q.2: What song have you got going around your head today?

“Lennon’s ‘Jealous Guy’. I heard it on the radio a few days ago and I’m stuck with it. Pretty strange since it’s not one of my favourites!”

Q.3: What prompted you to purchase your Wasaphone microphones?  

“Both. I love microphones and tend to collect them and as a sound producer, I know how much they are inspiring when they deliver ear-catching sounds. I’ve loved the idea of reliable Lo-Fi mics!”

Q.4: Cast your mind back to that day the postman arrived with your Wasa-package. What were your first impressions of the new additions to your audio arsenal?

“I loved the DIY personality right out of the box, and the pouch is a lovely addition.

The Maroc is a piece of work! The sound is really pleasing - less Lo-Fi, and more pre-EQ-ed. I found it to be good on my 2004 Martin 000-16 acoustic guitar for achieving an “in the field” kind of tone. Smoky and misty are the words that come to mind.

I recorded lead vocals through the Wasaphone MKII on day one. It reminded me a lot of ‘66/’67 era Beatles (think I Am the Walrus/Yellow Submarine kind of sound). Far better sounding than the demo vocal I had already done using some plugins. No harshness, lots of mojo.”

Q.5:  How has using your microphones influenced your performances in the studio/live? 

“I’ve experimented with using my Maroc and MKII in front of the 10” speaker of my Vox AC4TV guitar amp - pretty interesting, and a perfect match for my Sennheiser E906. A blend of the signal from the Wasaphone MKII and the E906 gives a very three-dimensional tone.”

And finally…

Q.6: If you could get your hands on another Wasaphone product (fictional or real), what would it be?

“In fact, I dig the 'mic with pre-EQ on-board' concept when overdubbing backing vocals, doubling guitars or adding 'cinematic' effects. The purpose is to place the track in the mix in a narrative way: it has to say something that’s not in the overall context. So anything with that sound signature would be interesting.

Most of all though, I’m looking for a flat chassis (à la E906) with band-pass attitude, to put in front of my amps.”

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