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with Steve lynch

composer for t.v. and film


Steve Lynch is the founder of Stellar Sound, a music production company known across the world for its inventive and provocative compositions featured in both TV and film. 

A chance web-based encounter with a certain lo-fi microphone led to Steve being united with a Big Boy MKII - he talked to us about his experiences so far.

"A lot of the time, if you try to give an old quality to things it can end up tinny, but the Big Boy  MKII gives the piano a nice round, old sound."


Wasaphone collection: Big Boy MKII

Q.1: What song have you got going around your head today?

"This morning I have Gotye’s 'Somebody That I Used to Know' in my head. He’s pretty great."

 Q.2: How did you first stumble across Wasaphone?

"I’m always on the lookout for strange mics and pedals, I spotted a picture of the MKII on Twitter and instantly had to have it. I mean it’s made of wood, how cool is that!"

Q.3: What have you been up to with your Big Boy MKII? 

"Well I’ve only just gotten the mic, but over the past couple of days it’s been on banjo, toy piano, glockenspiel, vocals and upright piano. I like the old hollow sound it gives the upright piano in particular. A lot of the time, if you try to give an old quality to things it can end up tinny, but the Big Boy MKII gives the piano a nice round, old sound. It’s cool on a glockenspiel as the metallic edge isn’t as punchy, making it easier to sit in a mix without too much eq-ing, in fact I think it'll be my go-to for glockenspiel from now on.

It also seems to do a cool thing with my toy piano, it removed the bell-like high tone and just left the lovely percussive sound in place."

 Q.4:  Are there any specific projects you've worked on where the Big Boy has added something a little bit different?

"I just did a tune for a commercial and its got Wasaphone’d glockenspiel and backing vocals all over it."

Some pics of Steve's Big Boy MKII at work:

Q.5What do you think your Wasaphone mic will bring to your future recording sessions, and do you have any specific projects in mind for it?

"It’s another interesting tone I can bring to things. I always like to have something a little strange in a mix, so the Wasaphone can help with that. 

I’m also looking forward to recording a breathy female vocal on it, and will definitely see what it does on trumpets…."

 And finally…

 Q.6: If you were giving a Wasaphone mic as a gift, to whom would you give it?

"Probably one of my composer friends over here, though then they’d have one of my tricks (and I might have to kill them)."

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