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Josh Lake is a musician from Canada. He's a very good musician from Canada. Because he's such a good musician from Canada, we decided that we'd like him to represent us in that oft-icy part of this little world we live in, and so our endorsement partnership was born!

A veteran of extensive touring, Josh puts his MKII Live to the test frequently - if there's one person in the world who knows how a MKII Live performs on the road, night in, night out, it's Josh.  

Josh and his MKII Live in action

"I would give this mic as a gift to Phil Spector. [He] would love a pair of these to capture some of his classic sound again."


Wasaphone collection: Wasaphone MKII Live

Q.1: What song have you got going around your head today?

Mighty Mighty by Baby Huey

Q.2: How did you first stumble across Wasaphone?

It was online. I stumbled across Wasaphone looking for new vintage mics, I watched some demos on YouTube and I was in!

Q.3: We recently equipped you with a MKII Live. What have you been up to with it? 

I've been using it in my live shows, which is amazing! It adds so much to my vocals! I've also been using it in the studio on drums, and I'm getting some really raw old school funk and soul sounds with it...I'm excited for these new songs!

Q.4: What has the MKII Live brought to your live shows?

Since my style of music is soul and funk, it lends itself in many instances. I can pretty much switch to it for live vocals during a performance at any time and I'm back in 1968! Perfect!

Q.5: Has using an ‘effect’ microphone influenced your song-writing and/or recording?

It's a fantastic tool live, but I'm just starting to scratch the surface for its uses in the studio. I've recorded drums with it and let's just say that it's transporting me back to the old days of recording, when drums were recorded with one mic and you felt it!

And finally…

Q.6: If you were giving a Wasaphone microphone as a gift, to whom would you give it?

I would give this mic as a gift to Phil Spector. If he had the chance to record again, I'm sure he would be disheartened by the new 'wide frequency', and would love a pair of these to capture some of his classic sound again.

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