Live from the wasa-corner

with Duncan Attwood

multi-instrumentalist, songwriter 


An eminent musician and songwriter, Duncan Attwood is best known for fronting the exciting UK-based post rock band, Blueneck

He spoke to us about his Wasaphone mics, and how they are helping to shape the forthcoming debut record from his new project, Menace at the Dam. 

"...I was looking at effects pedals but then, by chance, I found the Wasaphone and thought it was certainly worth trying out. I'm glad I did. "


Wasaphone Collection: Signalman, MKII Live

Q.1: Who are you and what do you do?

"I’m Duncan Attwood, in a band called Blueneck, based in the UK. I'm the vocalist, play multiple instruments and write all of the songs. Im also currently working on a new project called Menace at the Dam which should see some kind of light of day towards the end of 2015."

Q.2: What song have you got going around your head today?

"Well, today you’ve caught me in a Cult of Luna mood – the track I was particularly enjoying was Vicarious Redemption from the album Vertikal."

Q.3: What prompted you to purchase your Wasaphone microphones?

"I was really keen on having a different vocal sound with Blueneck for the Menace at the Dam project and have always liked toying around with a more lo-fi vocal sound . One of the most important criteria was finding something that I could use live as opposed to something that I’d use in the studio. Initially, I was looking at effects pedals but then, by chance, I found the Wasaphone and thought it was certainly worth trying out. I'm glad I did."

Q.4: Cast your mind back to that day the postman arrived with your Wasa-package. What were your first impressions of the new additions to your audio arsenal? 

"It's just a really cool looking piece of kit. I have the Wasaphone [MKII] and also the Signalman – both are very different in looks but both are built really well and just look really great. I was really pleased when I first received them and was looking forward to trying them out ASAP."

Q.5:  How has using your microphones influenced your performances in the studio/live?

"I've just been able to experiment a lot more with vocal technique really – which has made writing songs for MATD that much more fun."

 And finally…

 Q.6: If you could get your hands on another Wasaphone product (fictional or real), what would it be?

"The Greasy Jack looks like good fun – I’ll probably look into getting one of those when we eventually take MATD out on the road."

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