Greasy Jack

Meet the Wasaphone Greasy Jack. A lo-fi microphone, lovingly hand-crafted from wood and copper. Its namesake is a plump olde English cider apple.

Designed to be cupped in the hand, these little beauties have been specifically crafted for harmonica players and vocalists. 

As a harmonica microphone, the Greasy Jack excels when hooked up to a valve amplifier, providing a warm, crisp tone which will cut through your mix or a live band.

As a vocal microphone, the Greasy Jack is incredibly versatile. The flat copper faceplate encourages an intimate performance, allowing the microphone capsule to effortlessly voice each subtle expression. 

You can get raucous with the Greasy too. Wail into this lo-fi beauty, and she will howl delicious, creamy sweet nothings right back at you. 


Frequency Range: 200Hz - 10kHz
Type: Cardioid
Dimensions: 95mm x 85mm*
Sensitivity 2.5mV/Pa/1kHz
Output impedance 200Ω

*Size does vary slightly as the Greasys are, after all, hand-crafted.

Wasaphone Greasy Jack
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