Live from the wasa-corner: A Recording Special

with Josh Lake


We've been enjoying the soulful, honest music of Canadian funkmaster Josh Lake for quite some time now.

He recently recorded new material and called upon his Wasaphone MKII Live to inject some character many times during the recording process.

We asked him a few questions about his experiences this time around, and what the MKII Live brought to the table. 

Photo by  Chiara Mirelli

"It's retro lo-fi sound off the shelf, available whenever I need that, and it sounds more real and organic than tweaking 'normal' signals."

Wasaphone collection: Wasaphone MKII




Q.1: We loved the new track, What it Is - who produced / engineered the session?

Ever since my first album I've been doing everything myself, right down to the album artwork. I started from a place of serious DIY and working with what I have, and as I continue to make albums and singles I've gotten to a place where I can work fairly quickly and know what tools I need for the job.  

Q.2: Which studio did you record in?

I recorded it in my own studios, "Lakehouse Record Co.", it's so freeing not being under the time gun!

Q.3: Is What It Is taken from an upcoming album?

This is track is a pure single. I wanted to revisit the singles age of the 50's and 60's, where the songs released were stand- alone, complete pieces. Artists worked hard to make it great. Which is where I'm coming from with 'What It Is'. Also, in 2017 it seems we're in a new singles age with streaming, playlists, etc.


- What are your plans for live/tour?

I've got some live events coming up later this month, October and November in Halifax to promote the single. Also, social media and engaging in that route is another important way I stayed connected with my fans.



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