On this page you'll find clips of tunes in which Wasaphone products have been featured and demonstrations of the mics being used on various instruments.


Wasaphone pipe & slippers


A demo of the new Wasaphone Pipe & Slippers copper/wooden lofi microphone. The Pipe & Slippers was tested in conjunction with a 'standard' drum kit microphone setup, to demonstrate how the raw signal from the lofi microphone can be used as a standalone effect, or blended in with a more orthodox signal to give depth and clarity to a mix. 

Microphone Setup

Snare - SM57 on top / SM57 on bottom.
Kick - AKG D112 inside kick, approx. 2.5 inches from beater target / Aston Spirit outside kick, approx 2 inches from resonant head.
Floor Tom - AKG D112.
Overheads - Golden Age Project R2 MKII ribbon mics.
Rooms - Rode NT1a.

Wasaphone Pipe & Slippers

Electric Guitar

A demo of how the powerful character of the Wasaphone Pipe & Slippers can be harnessed to give electric guitars a real identity, and help them stand out in an ocean of overused tones. Note how the entire shape of the guitar signal changes when the signal from the Pipe & Slippers is blended with that of a relatively transparent condenser. 


We probably should have used a more conventional setup to record this demo, but we loved the tone that came straight out so decided to go with it.

Chain is as follows:

Supro Dual Tone > Shin Ei Fuzz Wah > Dirty Girl Coronado Amp (spec here)


Wasaphone Session:
Big Boy MKII, Maroc, Greasy Jack

A Bit of Everything

A demo of the Wasaphone Big Boy MKII, Wasaphone Maroc and Wasaphone Greasy Jack being used in conjunction with some microphones you'll find in any decent studio. 

The video shows how our microphones can be used as solo, Lo-Fi effect microphones, and also how they will inject a great measure of warmth and character into a mix/performance when blended with a signal from a more conventional microphone.

Featuring The Ninetree Stumblers. 

Microphone Setup

Overheads: 2 x Rode NT1a
Vocals/Harmonica: Wasaphone Greasy Jack
Acoustic guitar: Wasaphone Maroc & Shure SM57
Banjo: Wasaphone Big Boy MKI & AKG C414

The audio has been minimally treated, in an effort to give the most realistic indication of how these microphones perform in a studio environment.


Wasaphone MKII 


A demo of the MKII on vocals and piano. The main piano track was recorded using the AKG C414. With a bit of the MKII mixed in, it gives it a lovely warmth.

This here video is a little clip of me giving the original Wasaphone I a little go on vocals in a semi-live setting. You can hear the attitude the little beast injects into the tone of the vocals. At 1:28 I crack on my Subdecay Novadrive into which the Wasaphone is running, adding a whole new level of Lo-Fi madness.


A really informative video by Wasaphoner, Ryan Halsey. Full tech-spec and configuration in the video description.


This one shows the Wasaphone being used on an upright piano. The clip begins with solo Wasaphone, until 0:40, at which point the AKG C414 is brought into the mix. At 0:58, the Wasaphone drops out and it's AKG solo right up til 1:22 when the Wasaphone comes back in until the end.  

As is quite apparent, the Wasaphone on its own, offers an acoustic effect that can vary from warm, to haunting. When combined with another microphone, it adds an extra dimension to the sound, authentically enriching the top end without the use of EQ plugins etc. 

Piano / Vocals / Soundtoys Little Plate Reverb

A demo of the Wasaphone MKII on vocals (lead and backing), and piano. This video demonstrates just some of the ways a Wasaphone microphone and plate reverb can be used together to create en eery and interesting vocal / piano sound. Full session spec here. Performance by Dragoman

Greasy Jack


Here's a great little demo of our beautiful Greasy Jack harmonica/vocal mic. Expertly tested by Jules of the Zen Hussies and shot by CoQuo.

Meet the Wasaphone Greasy Jack. A lo-fi microphone, lovingly hand-crafted from wood and copper. Its namesake is a plump olde English cider apple.

Designed to be cupped in the hand, these little beauties have been specifically crafted for harmonica players and vocalists. 



A Bit of Everything

This demo sees the Wasarocket deployed on vocals, lap steel and slide guitar. The result is warm and metallic goodness, with the mic providing a refreshing and relevant tone. 

Vocals and Slide Guitar

This is a demo of the Wasarocket being used to record lead vocals and acoustic slide guitar. The limited frequency range, combined with the large brass resonant chamber provides a tone unique to this microphone. 


This next one is a demo of the Wasarocket being used to record upright piano. The harmonic quality of the mic is such that a 'music box' effect is produced. Mixed in with a track of condenser-recorded piano, for instance, provides dreamy results. 


Big Boy MKII


A giant of sound and beauty. 

Here you can hear the Wasaphone Big Boy MKII used to record lead vocals on the old Irving Berlin classic, How Deep is the Ocean. 

Superbly responsive and versatile, the BB MKII will bring something new to any studio session or live performance.  


Big Boy


The lovechild of the Wasarocket and a really big artillery shell. With a resonant chamber 8.5" x 3", the Big Boy sounds pretty special. 

This demo shows how the frequency response of the microphone's element, combined with the huge brass resonant chamber, allows for vocals, or any other sound source, to cut through a studio or live mix like a spoon through cold milk...wait...errr. 

The combination of the AKG C414 and the Big Boy on the guitar cab provides a sound that is full and defined, with subtle metallic undertones. The more you turn up that Big Boy guitar track, the more metallic and intriguing your mix will become, thus arming you with another super tool to excite your listeners/audience.

A visual wonder drowning in class and beauty, the Wasaphone Big Boy is a ruddy great microphone and, as is becoming increasingly common, we have found ourselves very attached to it.




The Radio Operator's close-to-indestructible best friend. The Signalman is a weapon to behold. Gloriously housed within an authentic army-issue radio handset, the mic has been adapted for optimum Lo-Fi audio joy. Equipped with a speak on/speak off switch and conveniently boasting a high quality 3 pin XLR output, this unique mic is one for the live/studio arsenal.