big boy mkii

Presenting the extraordinarily beautiful Wasaphone Big Boy MKII - the wooden sibling of the original Big Boy artillery shell microphone, and the next model in our expanding line of wooden Lo-Fi, dynamic microphones.

The distinctive microphone is housed within a large mahogany (specific wood type may vary now and again) casing - the unique dimensions of the resonant chamber offer compelling acoustic properties.

The ever-versatile MKII is guaranteed to bring something unique to any studio session or live performance.

Perfect for vocals (try running her through your favourite overdrive pedal),  electric and acoustic guitar, drums, and just about anything else you like.


Frequency Range: 200Hz - 10kHz
Type: Cardioid
Dimensions: 203mm x 76mm
Sensitivity: 2.5mV/Pa/1kHz
Output impedance: 200Ω

Connects to a normal, European-size microphone stand via the brass mounting bracket provided.

Wasaphone Big Boy MKII
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